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1 boy puppy looking for a home. 9 weeks old

The 3 boy puppies 5 weeks old

The baby girls 5 weeks old

Grand Champion Faith had 5 puppies August 13. Two girls and three boys.

Ripp at Westminster Award of Merit

Ripp at Westminster Won Award of Merit

Ripp won best in the toy show at Land O' Lakes Dog Show!

Joy is having puppies in October.

Joy is being bred to Ripp

Ripp winning Best of Opposite in a class of 56 top Havanese in the US at Mid-Florida Dog Show

faith wins at dog show

Rip just won North Star Havanese Specialty Sweepstakes & Best of Breed

New Puppy Heading to the Show Ring Soon

Rocco 9 weeks old has micro chip all his shots. An awesome New Years gift

Destiny has 5 Puppies, Born on October 6th

Destiny Has Puppies

Winning at the Havanese Specialty..first in his class and then best of opposite sex in the Sweepstakes

Faith goes reserve best in show.

faith wins at dog show faith wins at dog show

Faith winning Grand Champion select at Westminster

faith wins at dog show

Faith winning Best of Opposite Sex at the Greater New York Havanese Specialty

faith wins at dog show

Faith Wins in New York

Opposite Sex

faith wins at dog show

Faith came in again on Saturday February 13, 2016 as Best of Opposite Sex out of 30 Havanese Dogs.

Friday and Saturday Faith won each day at Greater New York Havanese Club, Best of Opposite Sex This is the number 2 position after Best of Breed

ribbon won havanesse dog winning

Faith winning at Florida specialty show prior to Eukenuba

Whispering Waters Destiny's Song

Destiny wins Best of Breed!


Whispering Waters Faith

Faith wins reserve winners bitch at both regonal and national


Faith's wins at Havanese National Speciality


"Kat" Whispering Waters Dream Katcher


Dream Katcher Certificate

AKC Grants Registered Kennel Name


Gabby Wins Best of Opposite Sex! and Places 2nd in Havanese!

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Gabby is on her way to the Westminster Show in New York


The Havanese is a Cuban dog and gets its name from the capital city, 'Havana'.

The Havanese puppies descend from the Tenerife, the same ancestor as the Bichon frise. Their dark coats actually insulate against heat and not cold.

The Havanese are playful, alert, and very trainable. We are experienced and professional Havanese breeders.

General Specifications:
  • Height: 8.5 to 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 7-13 pounds
  • Colors: Black, White, Chocolate, and Tan

Owner - Pat Tschohl


Pat Tschohl owns, trains, and breeds Bichon and Havanese Breeds. Currently, she is the owner of five champions: Spirit, Merlin, Gabby, Whisper, and Dora.